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Front to back: Pat Hughes, Chip Davis, Jimmy Smith and Dick Davis (members of annual Texas Discovery Gardens Oak Cliff Greenspace golf tournament team) made donations and provided building materials to renovate exterior. They have been playing golf at Stevens for 58 years. Not pictured are other donors Doug Jackson and Lance Satterfield.

Here we see the Ribbon Cutting that took place after the completion of the first station. A great turnout from our very loving and gracious community!

Here we have a close up view of one of the great exercise stations along the trail. A great way to warm up or cool down after enjoying a nice workout on the Coombs Creek Trail.

Below we see the overall plan that was executed to build the Coombs Creek Hike and Bike Trail. The Trail winds through the Scenic Stevens Park GC and the Gorgeous Kessler Park Community.

Tee Box Addition #16 at Stevens Park

Tee Box Addition #16 at Stevens Park

Too increase the enjoyment of players at Stevens Park Golf Course, an additional tee box was added to Number 16, a challenging Par 5.

Five trees had to be removed to make room for the tee box, but no worries these were replanted in alternate locations around the course.

From this angle we can see the different sight line that this additional tee box provides, while also providing a shorter yardage for more players to enjoy!

A hard days work, plenty of sod, and heap of leveling dirt led to this beautiful new tee box which is now a permanent piece of Stevens Park GC.