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    Golf Lessons

Want to start playing the best golf of your life? Stevens Park’s state-of-the-art teaching center can show you how and help you sharpen every aspect of your game.

Our PGA-trained staff offers valuable assistance for beginners and veterans alike through private and semi-private golf lessons. Our expert services include club fittings, video analysis, and a short game area to help you get more out of your game.

Short Game Area

If you want to start shooting lower scores, every tournament player knows that you have to work on your short game. You can already have a great swing, but different weather, wind, temperature or golf course conditions can have an impact on your game. With a ninety yard landing area, two practice greens and a practice bunker, it's a great practice area to sharpen your short game. Free to use for all lesson days, and just a $6.00 all day fee including practice balls and a cart on non-lesson days.

Stevens Park Indoor Facility

With a few visits to Stevens Park's state-of-the-art indoor practice facility, your game will be as good as it has ever been. Equipped with slow motion video technology, you will be able and see and understand the improvements you are making. Our PGA Golf Professionals can assist every skill level from beginner to the seasoned veteran.

Reach Your Potential with Professional Lessons

For beginners who have everything to learn and advanced players who want to fine-tune their technique, Stevens Park Golf Club offers private or group lessons. Our PGA-trained golf professionals provide sessions on the long game, the short game, mental game, course management, and equipment.

Richard McDonald, PGA Member

Richard McDonald, PGA Member
Director of Instruction
Teaching Professional

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Phone: (214) 435-6354

Richard McDonald has a passion for the game of golf that he discovered as an adult in 2003. He was born in Dallas and raised in Forney, TX. Richard played baseball, basketball, and football as a youth but not golf! He played baseball at Forney High School and in College at the University of Dallas. Richard joined the UD golf team for the 2004-2005 season, his senior year. After graduating college, Richard worked for 9 years in the corporate world before deciding to turn his passion for golf into a vocation.

  • Employed at the Highlands Performance Golf Center in Carrollton, TX in 2015
  • Became a Full Time instructor at the Highlands in March 2017
  • Mentored by Billy Beverley, Mark Maness, Eldridge Miles, and Suti Siewsurut
  • Earned Membership to the PGA of America - September 2021
  • Mizuno Brand Ambassador - March 2022
  • Regularly competes in North Texas PGA Section and Chapter Events

Richard prefers to work with golfers of all skill levels including beginners, juniors, ladies, seniors, lapsed golfers, former baseball players, single- and double-digit Handicaps. Everyone is welcome here!!

Richard's philosophical approach to golf instruction includes learning the fundamentals and applying those skills to playing golf on the course. He does not believe in a one size fits all method, but rather treats each student as an individual with unique skills that have value in the game of golf.

Lesson Rates
One-Hour Lesson $90